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Book with More Than One Author When a book has two authors, order the authors in the same way they are presented in the book. Start by listing the first name that appears on the book in last name, first name format; subsequent author names appear in normal order (first name last name format). Gillespie, Paula, and Neal Lerner Citing multiple works by the same author If you cite more than one work by an author, include a shortened title for the particular work from which you are quoting to distinguish it from the others. Put short titles of books in italics and short titles of articles in quotation marks. Citing two articles by the same author Two Authors When a work has two authors, include them in the order they appear on the work, and invert the first author's name but write out the second author's name normally Writing author names in MLA. Published on March 27, 2019 by Courtney Gahan. Revised on July 12, 2021 by Shona McCombes. In MLA style, up to two authors are included in a citation.For sources with more than two authors, the citation is shortened with et al. In the Works Cited list, the first author's name is inverted (surname followed by first name) Use et al. for in-text citations to works with 3 or more authors. If your source has 3 or more authors, it is only necessary to include the last name of the first author, who is also listed in your Works Cited entry. Follow the name with the abbreviation et al. and the page number where the material you paraphrased or cited appears

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  1. In the Works Cited (Per the MLA Handbook (8th edition), p. 113: To cite two or more works by the same author, give the name in the first entry only. Thereafter, in place of the name, type three hyphens, followed by a period and the title. The three hyphens stand for exactly the same name as in the preceding entry
  2. ¹ For in-text citations (Per the MLA Handbook (8th edition), p. 55: Including only the author name and page number in a parenthetical citation is insufficient if more than one work appears under that author's name in the work cited list. In that case, include a shortened version of the source's title
  3. MLA 8th edition has simplified the rule for citing multiple authors. Three or more authors are all treat the same way, using the words et al. This is not an abbreviation
  4. The work cited entry text should be left-justified; if an entry is more than one line, indent the subsequent line(s) half an inch from the left margin. For more information, please see the MLA Style Center's webpage on Formatting a Research Paper
  5. How do I cite a source with multiple authors in MLA? How do I cite a source with multiple authors in MLA? In MLA Style, if a source has two authors, name both authors in your in-text citation and Works Cited entry. If there are three or more authors, name only the first author, followed by et al
  6. Similar to when citing a single author, you must also remember to invert the first author's name. Follow this name with a comma then the second name. Then remember to follow it with the word and before writing the second author's name in the same format
  7. MLA Citation Examples: More than One Author For a work with two or three authors, include all the names, either in your text sentence or in parentheses

For a work with three or more authors, include only the first author, followed by a comma, and the words et al and ending ith a period MLA Citation Style, 8th Edition: Multiple Authors or Editors pp. 21-25; see sec. 2.1 (pp. 102-104) Example 1 - Two Authors First Author's Last Name, First Author's First Name, and Second Author's First and Last Names

For up-to-date guidance, see the ninth edition of the MLA Handbook. If you paraphrase a single idea from more than one source and the sources are equally important, the order in which you list them is up to you. To be neutral, you might list them alphabetically If more than one work by an author is cited, include shortened titles for the works to distinguish them from each other. Example if the author's name is mentioned: Obama has argued that the invasion was a bad idea (Too Soon 42), though he has acknowledged elsewhere that it led to much good (A Stronger Country 13)

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  1. More than one source with the same title and no person named as author If you have more than one source with the same title, put the name of the publication in italics separated by a comma after the title of the article: Farmed Salmon, Aquaculture Journal and Farmed Salmon, Washington State Journal
  2. MLA uses et al. for works with three or more authors, while Chicago calls for using it with four or more authors. APA format requires that you cite all of the authors at the first mention if there are three, four, or five, and use et al. afterward. If there are at least six authors, then you may use et al. from the first mention
  3. Book with more than Three Authors (155-156) The general format below refers to a book with more than three authors. If you are dealing with a book that has more than three editors instead of authors, insert the names of the editors into the place where the authors' names are now, followed by a comma and the word eds. without the quotation.

MLA Citation Style, 7th Edition: Multiple Authors or Editors One Author or Editor NOTE: In the case of more than three authors or editors, it is also acceptable to include all of the authors' or editors' names in the in-text parenthetical reference and works cited entry, if you choose to do so. Whichever you choose, be consistent More than One Author When there are 2-3 authors, you can list all the names, followed by the page number in parentheses. MLA in text citation example: Everything goes away, Jack Sawyer, like the moon How to Cite Using Pseudonyms in MLA 9: If an author has published a work under a different, lesser-known name, there are a few different ways you can list the author in your citation (Handbook 115-117). You can list the author only under their more well-known name; you can list the author's more well-known name in square brackets; or you can use the author's more well-known name in the.

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When a work by three or more authors is mentioned in the text of a research paper (rather than in a parenthetical citation), should the names of all the authors be included or only the first one, followed by et al.? Reserve the use of the abbreviation et al. for the list of works cited and parenthetical citations If you are citing a source that has multiple authors, follow these basic steps. 2 Authors: Always cite both authors' names in-text everytime you reference them. Example: Johnson and Smith (2009) found... 3-5 Authors: Provide all the authors' last names when you first refer to a document with 3-5 authors When citing a full date, remember to use the day-month-year format. When a source carries more than one publication date (often the case with information published online) cite the date that is most relevant to your use of the source. Author Last Name, Author First Name. Title of post UPDATE: MLA has published a new, 8th edition. Some of the recommendations for citing are quite different. We are currently working on a new video series. Ple.. Separate more than 1 author with commas and the word and. In the entries for your Works Cited, you'll need to list the authors' names, the title (italicized for books or in quotation marks for articles), the publisher, and the publication date. You should not invert the second author's name. For example: Cannella, Gaile S., and Radhika Viruru

MLA Citation Examples: More than One Author. For a work with two or three authors, include all the names, either in your text sentence or in parentheses. Examples (Lakoff and Johnson 42) (Hare, Moran, and Koepke 226-28) For a work with four or more authors, use only the first author's name followed by et al. (The. MLA Citation (8th Edition) Unknown or Multiple Authors Search this Where you'd normally put the author's last name, instead use the first one, two, or three words from the title. Don't count initial articles like A, An or The. In-Text Citation For Two or More Authors/Editor

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In-text citations for sources with more than one author (6.2) The in-text citation should include the last names of all authors listed in the Works Cited list, as well as the page numbers. If there are more than three authors, follow the form used in the Works Cited list, either listing all authors by last name, or the first author followed by. If citing two or more works by the same author, in the citation you must also use the title of the work or the first noun phrase or the title if it is a long title. - Example: (Smith, Interdisciplinary Programs 1). If more than one author for the work, use all names in the citation unless there are three or more authors, then use the first. How to Cite a Book With More Than One Author in MLA. The Modern Language Association of America, a 30,000-member organization that aims to strengthen the study and teaching of language and literature, is behind MLA style, a guide for scholarly writings. MLA style is used in more than 1,100 publications around the.

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  1. istrative units, give all the names in the in.
  2. e how to create in-text citations for more than one author, no authors, or corporate authors, refer to the Authors section below. More about quotations and how to cite a quote: Use quotes from outside sources to help illustrate and expand on your own points, but the majority of your paper should be your own writing and ideas
  3. MLA List of Works Cited: Books - More than One Work in an Anthology If you refer to more than one work from the same anthology, list the anthology separately, and list each essay with a cross-reference to the anthology
  4. What do citations with more than one author look like? 1. Two authors/editors. Boyers, Robert, and Peggy Boyers, editors. The Salgamundi Reader. Indiana UP, 1983. 2. Three ot more authors/editors. If there are three or more authors/editors, enter only the name of the first author/editor followed by a comma, followed by et al. Snyder, Sharon L.

Citation example: Stewart, David W., and David H. Furse. Effective Television Advertising: A Study of 1000 Commercials. Lexington Books, 1986. Books with more than two authors: Note: List only the first author's last name, First name Middle initial (if any) followed by a comma and the words et al. Citation description A general rule of MLA format is that familiar proverbs, well-known quotes, and common knowledge do not require an in-text citation/reference in the Works Cited. However, depending on audience, this could be a form of plagiarism - remember, it is better to cite the author (s) than to be flagged for plagiarism One Author. Last Name, First Name. Title of Book.City of Publication, Publisher, Publication Date. Note: The city of publication should only be used if the book was published before 1900, if the publisher has offices in more than one country, or if the publisher is unknown in North America.. Works Cited List Example: Kurlansky, Mark. Salt: A World Histor

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MLA Format: Multiple authors in a bibliography entry . When more than one person has authored a text, typical bibliography entries will appear as follows: Ehrenreich, Barbara, and John Ehrenreich, eds. The American Health Empire: Power, Profits, and Politics. New York: Vintage, 1971 If you need to cite more than one source in your in-text citation, you should use a semicolon to separate the sources. (Jones 101; Williams 23). It's important to remember, in MLA style, each citation in your text must have a complete bibliographic entry in your Works Cited page, so, if readers want to go to the original source, they can The MLA citation style is typically used by English and other academic departments in the humanities.\ When a source has more than one author, the abbreviation et al. (and others) is used after the name of the first author. Titles of articles and essays are always put in quotation marks If you are citing more than one reference at the same point in a document, separate the references with a semicolon e.g. (Smith 150; Jackson 41). If the work has no author, use the title. If you are citing two works by the same author, put a comma after the author's name and add title words. eg (Smyth, Memories of Motherhood 77) to. Pearson, 2003. Multiple Author Books. If you are accessing a print book, then you will need just one container for publication information. Two Authors. Sennett, Richard, and Jonathan Cobb. The Hidden Injuries of Class. Vintage Books, 1973. More Than Two Authors. For more than two authors: list only the first author followed by the phrase et.

If more than one author have the same last name, include all the author's first initials in all text citations: (J. Anderson 20) If both authors have the same surname and first initial, provide the authors' full name: (John Anderson 20) If citing multiple works by the same author, include the short form of the source's title. (Baron. Consult the MLA Handbook, 8th Edition for more information. The MLA website also contains a helpful guide, including a practice template: Works Cited: A Quick Guide: Writing Resources from the Modern Language Association; 1. Author. If the source is written by one author, the citation should begin with the author's last name, a comma, the. In MLA, in-text citations are inserted in the body of your research paper to briefly document the source of your information. Brief in-text citations point the reader to more complete information in the Works Cited list at the end of the paper. Number of Authors/Editors. Format of In-Text Citation. One Multivolume works (more than one volume consulted) If your Works Cited entry indicates more than one volume of a multivolume set, include both the volume and the page reference in the parenthetical citation to distinguish which volume is being referenced. (Notable, 1: 27). Notable Latino Writers, vol. 1, Salem Press, 2006, 3 vols If you are citing a chapter from a book that has an editor, the author of the chapter is listed first, and is the name listed in the in-text citation. Dates. The format of all dates is: Date Month (shortened) Year. E.g. 5 Sept. 2012. Page Numbers. If there is more than one page put pp. before the page numbers. If there is only one page put p

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how do you cite more than one work by a particular author on the works cited page? order the entries alphabetically by title, and use three hyphens in place of the author's name for every entry after the firs For three or more authors, list the first author's last name and replace the other authors' last names with et al., just like the example. Only the first author's name is shown. If you're using more than one work by an author, use a shortened version of the title in your citation to specify which work you're citing

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Cite a newspaper article as you would a magazine article, but note the different pagination in most newspapers. If there is more than one edition available for that date (as in an early and late edition of a newspaper), identify the edition after the newspaper title. Author's Last Name, First Name MULTIPLE CITATIONS (Barthes 48; Ulmer 112) *Sometimes you'll cite more than one author in the same sentence. When you do this, include both authors in the parenthetical reference, separated by a semicolon. In-Text Citations List for Digital Sources. When citing sources you found on the Internet, follow three basic rules

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In most learning institutions, the researcher must use the last name of the author that is followed by the page number when writing an in-text citation in MLA. The format is totally different when writing in APA format since it entails the author`s last name, which is followed by the source`s year of publication When the author's name does not appear in the text, it is placed first within the parentheses followed by a comma, the shortened title, and the page number. Multivolume Work. When citing a work that has more than one volume, put the author, the volume followed by a colon and a space, and the page number within the parentheses: Ex Author's Name Mentioned in the text Watson clearly explains this idea (519). While Watson (525-530), clearly differs with this assumption. What if the article or book has more than one author? Parenthetical citation can be difficult to understand (Smith and Jones 25). Source cited has more than two authors Referencing a publications of several authors. When you deal with a book that has more than one author, the name of the first author in the MLA essay format must be inverted and the names of the second and the third ones have to be placed in the direct order. So be attentive to how you place the first name and then only the last name of the.

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1. Citing Two or More Works by the Same Author in Works Cited. Format: For references to authors with more than one work in your works cited list, insert a short version of the title between the author and the page number, separating the author and the title with a comma. Example: (Sacks, Hallucinations 77) (Sacks, Mind's Eye 123 When citing more than one selection from the same anthology, a) cite the anthology in full and b) cite, or cross-reference, the individual sections you are using. Use the citation format for the Anthology or Edited Book , as well as the following citation format for the individual sections that you are referencing MLA citation style uses a simple two-part parenthetical documentation system for citing When more than one city is listed for the same publisher, More than three authors: Gilman, Sandor, et al. Hysteria beyond Freud. Berkeley: U of California P, 1993. Print

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If you cite more than one work by a particular author, include a shortened title for the particular work from which you are quoting to distinguish it from the others. Put short titles of books in italics and short titles of articles in quotation marks. To cite multiple sources in the same parenthetical reference, separate the citations by a. When you include the author's name in your sentence: Tannen has argued this point (178-85). When you cite more than one work by the same author (shortened version of title is acceptable, using first words: Shakespeare's King Lear has been called a comedy of the grotesque (Frye, Anatomy 237). When the work has more than one author the cinematographer. Therefore, there could be more than one correct way to cite any given source. ELEMENT WHAT GOES HERE 1. Author. Name(s) of the person(s) who wrote, created, or edited the source. No author: Begin the entry with the title One author or editor: Garcia, Mercedes L. | Sokolov, Antonin, editor Article citation (database articles) Article refers to an article in a magazine or scholarly journal, which you'll usually access through the library's databases. All articles in the library's databases fall into this category. Follow the same rules as the book citations for articles that have more than one author If citing more than one work by the same author in a paper, then the in-text citation should contain the author's name, a comma, the title of the work (if brief) or a shortened version italicized, and the page numbers. We should all try to live in the Past, the Present, and the Future (Dickens, A Christmas Carol 95)

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When citing more than one volume of a multivolume work, cite the total number of volumes in the work. Also, be sure in your in-text citation to provide both the volume number and page number(s). (See Citing Multivolume Works on the In-Text Citations - The Basics page, which you can access by following the appropriate link at the bottom of. How to Cite Two or More Works by the Same Author or Authors (225) When citing one of two or more works by the same author(s), put a comma after the author's last name and add the title of the work (if brief) or a shortened version of the title and the relevant page number. How to Cite if the Author's Name is Unavailable (223-224

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In text citation gives credit to someone else's work in your paper, right when you use it. In MLA style, an in text citation comes at the end of a quote or paraphrase. You must include the author(s)'s last name and page number. If there is more than one author, separate the authors' last names with a comma In an in-text citation, the author's name appears in a sentence and not in parentheses. Please note that in MLA citing, page numbers (if available) usually go in parentheses. One author in reference: the population of China around 1990 was increasing by more than fifteen million annually (15) name from the in-text citation. If there is more than one work from the same author, then the in-text citation requires the author's name, title of work, and page number. When quoting poems, separate the lines with space backslash space ( / )

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Citing Works by Two Authors. List all surnames, separating two authors with and. Examples: Griff and Blum offer a fresh reading of this novel (242). This novel recently drew critical attention (Talbot and Smith 22). Citing Works by Three or More Authors. List the first author's last name followed by et al. (with a period) [One author example: Castelli, Darla M.; Two author example: Castelli, Darla M. and David Goss.; Three or more authors example: Castelli, Darla M. et al.] Title of the Chapter/Essay. [capitalized and in quotes] Title of the Book, [capitalized and in italics] Edited by , [First and Last Names of the editors, separated by commas if more than one If you would like to cite more than one source within the same in-text citation, simply record the in-text citations as normal and separate them with a semi-colon. Examples: (Smith 42; Bennett 71). (It Takes Two; Brock 43). Note: The sources within the in-text citation do not need to be in alphabetical order for MLA style MLA Citation Style Guide: More Than Three Authors Either use the first author surname et al. or cite all names. Be consistent! The Parenthetical Citation format should match the Works Cited entry, whether you are using et al. or all of the names of the authors or editors

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Three or more in-text citation in MLA. To format an in-text citation of a source with three or more authors, include the first author's last name followed by et al., and the page number or page range in parentheses. For example: (Sumantran et al. 106-114) If the authors' names are already stated in the sentence, give only the page number or. Source with Three or More Authors. Use the first author's name and et al., which means and others. (Armstrong et al. 5) Two or More Works in One Citation. Two sources may support one point that you have summarized; include both sources in the citation. Separate the works with a semi-colon. (Paglia 175; Miller 28 It is possible to cite an undocumented source may it be an interview or a speech in MLA format. All you need is the name of the person to be cited, the topic of the speech or interview (in quotation Marks). Indicate whether it is an interview or a.. More Tips on Authors When an idea can be attributed to more than one source in your Works Cited list, separate the sources with a semicolon. Example: (Laurence 165; Richmond and Tanaka 5) [MLA 58] If your Works Cited list includes more than one work by the same author, provide a title or abbreviated title following th

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When you cite more than one work or example by the same author (this example shows the same author with 2 different articles- note the article titles are in quotation marks, exactly like the punctuation used for article titles in a Works Cited list) MLA citation examples. Based on the MLA Handbook, 8th Edition, 2016. Need More Help? For further guidance on MLA citations, please visit The MLA Style Center. You can also ask a librarian for help with citation-related questions Multiple works by different authors in one citation. Include the authors names and page references separated by a semicolon. (Smith 93; Fayett 131-32) Authors with same surname. If the works cited list contains two or more authors with the same surname, include the author's first initials in the parenthetical reference. (T. Blake and R. Blake Citing Multiple Sources from the Same Author. When you cite multiple works that were written or created by the same author, MLA style requires that you include the author's name on the first entry. Every subsequent entry that includes the same author should begin with three hyphens (—), followed by a period The MLA style is one way to do this. MLA style background. MLA is short for the Modern Language Association. The MLA is an acad e mic organization focused on the study and instruction of languages and literature. As of 2020, it reported having over 24,000 members. Rules for citing and writing in MLA style come from the published MLA Handbook