A polariza dex

polariza - definiție și paradigmă dexonlin

polarizare - definiție și paradigmă dexonlin

Dex polariza, polariza, definiţie polariza, dex

  1. POLARIZARE - Consultare dictionare pentru limba romana: DEX - Dictionar explicativ, sinonime, antonime, ortografic, arhaisme, regionalisme, etimologic, neologisme. Cautarea se face dupa forma baza sau forma flexionara, cu sau fara diacritic
  2. The glucocorticoid Dexamethasone is an important pharmaceutical for the treatment of colitis and other inflammatory bowel diseases. While suppressive effects of glucocorticoids on activated immune cells is significant, their effects upon epithelial cells are less well studied
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Definitie polariza - ce inseamna polariza - Dex Onlin

  1. POLARIZÁRE, polarizări, s. f. Acțiunea de a (se) polariza și rezultatul ei. 1. (Fiz.) Proces prin care un corp sau un sistem fizic dobândește proprietatea de polaritate (1); stare a unui corp care a suferit un astfel de proces. Polarizare electrică = realizare a unei asimetrii în distribuția sarcinii electrice pozitive și negative a unui sistem fizic (atom, moleculă etc.), a unui.
  2. Dicţionarul limbii române în format electronic: https://dicti0nar.ro/ încărca Posibilitate Cuprins Locuitor Coborâtoare Modalitate Acaul Virilizare Priitor Drum Mod Imagine Ațintire Nefiind Aseptizare Presură Asistenţă Apreciere Desen Drum-de-fier Smead Zânelor Adiere Buruiana-surpăturii Desprindere Moacă Cuprinde Mutră Denicotinizare încălcare Tarif Sfâşia Jargon Aspect.
  3. Volume 59A, number 5 PHYSICS LLTTERS 27 December 1976 TEMPERATURE DYNAMICS OF POLARIZED AND DEPOLARIZED LiGHT SCATTERING IN A CRITICAL MIXTURE I.L. FABELINSKI1, G.I. KOLESNIKOV, V.Ja. SHREINER and V.S. STARUNOV P.N. LebedeiPhysical Institute, Academy of Sciences of the USSR, Moscow, USSR Received 14 October 1976 The results of Rayleigh line wing width, Landau-Placzek ratio and hypersound.
  4. Conjugarea verbului a polariza în limba română (dex
  5. a polariza — a aduna, a strînge, a concentra în jurul (DEX, 715) Publicații în limba română (1970-2021) Deconectar

polariza - Dictionar explicativ al limbii romane (DEX

Definitia polarizarii definitie DEX Online, dictionar roma

  1. ed as described in Materials and Methods. Concentrations of DEX-1 which almost com- pletely inhibit fusion, did not effect DPH-polarization. Even at c:,~eentrations of 4 mg DEX-i/mg lipid (2 anchors per outer phospholid molecule) no effect on the membrane fluidity could be detected
  2. Conjugare pentru verbul a reflecta la toate modurile și timpuril
  3. Ce rimează cu polariza. Cuvintele care rimează cu polariza. A POLARIZ//Á ~éz 1. tranz. 1) A face să se polarizeze. 2) fig. A strânge în jurul său. ~ masele
  4. polariza în Dicţionarul Român Explicativ. Găsește definiţia lui polariza şi sinonime în dicționarele româneşti polariza dex - definiţie, sinonime, conjugar
  5. dex), size distribution, and especially the shape characteris-tics are still missing. In Sect. 4, we also present an updated literature review regarding smoke lidar ratios and depolariza-tion ratios. EARLINET contributed significantly to this ef-fort. The main findings and conclusions are given in Sect. 5
  6. dex. Such a magnetic response can be realized in practice via the excitation of the antisymmetric mode between two coupled metallic nanostrips. The fre- The primary polariza-tion is shown in the panel and is defined as the electric field lying in the plane of the sample and perpendicular to th

Polariza - Dictionar de sinonim

  1. dex-guiding PCFs and fibers that confine light through a photonic bandgap (PBG). To find the principal axes one can measure the polariza-tion state of the output and rotate the λ/2 plate/fiber until the output is linearly polarized. Using the above described alignment proce- dure coupling efficiencies well above 40-50 % are rou-.
  2. Fluorescent cell-traceable dexamethasone-loaded liposomes for the treatment of inflammatory liver disease
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  4. dex to estimate zenith and ambiguous azimuth angles of the surface normals. Then, from the relationship between However, actual material with polariza-tion effect is widely known as non-Lambertian. In overall, these fusion methods employ shading and polarization in-dependently, they do not take true advantage of both cue

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  1. dex of refraction), the absorption coefficient (optical rotatory power), and the fluorescence intensity (degree of polarization) are independent of the orientation of the polarization vector of a light beam incident on the medi­ However, the most direct information on the polariza­.
  2. tials [30,31] (alternatively \Hertz vectors or \polariza-tion potentials) can be used to generate exact expres-sions for the complex EM elds. The Hertz vectors, de- ned in Eq. (1) for a linearly polarized beam propagating in the ^z-direction, are represented in general as the com-plex phasor with a direction chosen based on the beam polarization
  3. We consider an interface between two uniaxial birefringent crystals. When both optical axes lie on the incidence plane and the incidence angle is Brewster's one, we show that the direction of the effective electric polarization vector coincides with the direction that would correspond to the reflected ray
  4. dex as n and the space indices as i and j, so that the correspondence EsiDs, jDs, nDtd ! En ij holds. The di-electric function can be discretized in the same manner: «siDs, jDsd ! « ij. We then approximate the derivatives at each lattice point by a corresponding centered differ-ence, giving rise to the finite-difference equation En i11,j 2 2E.
  5. imum value of the refractive index, n −1.3, is achieved at 820 nm, but with a lower FOM of 0.9. As indicated in Fig. 3(b), is negative between 799 and 818 nm

Differential gene expression and gene-set enrichment

However, actual material with polariza- lated from the image plane. For each pixel on the object's tion effect is widely known as non-Lambertian. In overall, image, we will recover its 3D surface normal () and re- these fusion methods employ shading and polarization in- fractive index () dex is a periodic function of space. In a periodic refrac-tive index structure, forbidden frequency bands can occur for electromagnetic waves. Photonic band gap materials facilitate the coherent localization of light which has resulted in novel quantum optical phenom-ena as well as important technological applications suc

dex across a crystal subjected to an external electro-static field. Light is deflected through =cLV/w2, where L and w are the crystal length and diameter, V is the applied voltage, and the proportionality con-stant, c, depends on material properties. For a device with L=11 cm, w=2 mm, and V=375 V, maximal de-flections around ±0.1° are. Hence, measurements of the polariza-tion state of radiation can be used to improve remote sens-ing of aerosols and clouds. The analysis of polarized ra-diance measurements requires an accurate radiative trans-fer model. To this end, a new efficient and flexible three- dex, and chemical composition and on the resulting optical properties. dex of Ge and GaAs used in the design is 4.0 and 3.3, respectively, at 4.0 m. B. Polarization Filter Design The wire-grid polarization filter is assumed to be of 2000-Å-thick Al with a 0.4- m period and a 50% fill factor. Aluminum provides an excellent polariza-tion contrast when used to fabricate a wire-grid po

dex depends on a material's density and its electrical properties (Fro¨hlich 1949). Materials expand and contract with temper- and dielectric constant depend on this macroscopic polariza-bility. The macroscopic polarizability is wavelength dependent. Because the ordering of microscopic dipole moments in a ma dex relative to that of an arbitrarily defined ''center'' mode!. Each mode is polarization independent, i.e., each mode has a two-fold polarization degeneracy. This polarization degen-eracy is lifted by inserting a birefringent crystal, in the form of an electro-optical modulator~EOM1!, into the resonator dex m - 1.7 + i0.029. In our opinion, there were two main results: The behavior of intensity of light scat- tered by an aggregate in the forward-scattering domain is closer to the diffraction by an equal-projected-area sphere, whereas the dependence of polarization on the scattering angle closely mimics the dependence for th dex by n. The permittivity of the medium at point (i,j) is indicated by e(i,j) and the permeability mis assumed to be constant. The electric and magnetic fields are updated at all interior grid points at alternate half time steps us-ing Eqs. (1) through (3). To prevent artificial reflec-tions along the edges of the grid, a suitable bound

dex of fused silica When an optical fiber made of fused silica is placed in an external electric field (e.g., the electric field component of an electromagnetic wave propagating along the optical fiber, it is uniform over an Si-O bond), the intensity of polariza-tion is proportional to the total macroscopic field in the medium = dex) were measured after the application of a 10 cmH 2O pressure gradient; during the first2hofpressure application, Pe alb, Pe dex, and Lp were significantly reduced by 2.0 0.3-, 2.1 0.3-, and 3.7 0.3-fold, respectively. Immunostaining of the tight junction (TJ) protein zonula occludens-1 (ZO-1) was significantly increased at cell-cell. dex for light polarized along the long axis of the needlelike SrCO 3 crystal is 1.5199, and along the other axes, the refractive indices are 1.666 and 1.6685. SrCO 3 was synthesized by injecting CO 2 gas into a Sr(OH) 2 /H 2 O suspen-sion. The crystals have a rodlike shape with a length of about 200 nm and a width of about 20 nm dex) on the intensity of the propagating wave. The ap- turn now to an examination of the singularities of the cupied by the light beam, and consequently also the re- self to a phenomenological description of the polariza-fractive index of the medium. In a liquid, a strong light tion of the medium. The phenomenonlogical effects o

1660 nm (a range of 0.5 dex in frequency or wavelength). We also construct an additional CMD using I and H bands. We demonstrate that these diagrams can be used as diagnostic tools to constrain the disc and jet contributions. We infer some properties of both the jet and disc emission of XTE J1550-564 and the relationship betwee be localized to the boundary via topological polariza-tion [37, 38, 41], provide directional response in the bulk [42, 43], and tuned by recon gurations of the net-work [44]. However, origami sheets possess a geometrical duality between these two classes of modes [33, 45, 46] that, as we show, both permits the rigid foldability [34

guish between various initial and final polariza- types of events: -y * + q —' q, -y * + q —~ q + g, and tion states. Therefore in the present form the ~ + q —~ q + ~, see figs. la—ic, respectively. As code can be safely used only to predict the final- explained above, our program is based on the state distribution of spinless particles Femtosecond laser-induced structural changes in LiNbO3 are studied. Depending on the laser processing parameters two different types of modification are identified and their origin is discussed. Both types of modification can be described within the framework of induced lattice defects. For strong material damage a refractive index increase can be obtained due to the induced stress field. By.

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For air the in­ dex is only slightly greater than 1; for water it is about 1.33. A ray of light passing from air into water is retarded at the boundary; if it strikes the surface obliquely. the change in speed results in a change in direction. The polariza­ tion states of the incident light can be defined as being parallel to that plane. Light polariza-tion was not resolved. The other sample was g-Se, the bulk and films being prepared through the conventional melt-quenching method and vacuum evaporation.14 Optical transmission spectra of these samples were evaluated using a laser-detector system.13 Two-photon ab-sorption coefficient and intensity-dependent refractive in

dex that is significantly less than the Harrison-Zel'dovich-Peebles scale-invariant spectrum (n s =1,r = 0). Adding additional data sets improves the con-straints on these components and the spectral slope. For power-law models, WMAP data alone puts an improved upper limit on the tensor to scalar ra and CD41 CD28null T cells displayed perforin polariza-tion toward muscle cells and secreted higher levels of granzyme B and interferon-g(IFNg) in coculture than did CD281 T cells. The myotoxic effects of CD28null T cells were reduced upon the blocking of perforin, cyto-kines, and HLA. Addition of IFNg or tumor necrosi For both polariza-tions, the differences between the two methods are small and comparable to the resolution of the methods (approximately 1 nm). For the core thicknesses considered in Figure3, the single dex of the mode. The sensitivity to this change in refractive index is dictated by the waveguide dimensions and by th 18 • Corpuri izolante sau mai simplu izolanţi, care transmit starea de electrizare într- un timp lung, de ordinul zilelor, lunilor. Din clasa izolanţilor fac parte sticla, mica, cauciucul, masele plastice, porţelanul etc.; Observaţie.Nu există izolani perfecţ ţi; toate materialele sunt conductoare. Numai vidul este perfect izolant

For in vitro use, stocks were diluted in complete medium immediately before use. For in vivo studies, LBH589 was dissolved in a 5% dex trose solution and sonicated to aide dissolution. 2.2.3 Determining IC50 by MTS B16 cells were plated at 5x103/well in a 96 well flat bot tom plate Phase retardation in a birefringent crystal The propagation phase, φ, can be written as φ = 2 π nz λ 0 radians, i.e. light with the wavelength λ 0 in vacuum ex-periences a phase shift of φ radians when traveling an optical length nz through a material, where n is the in-dex of refraction and z is the propagation depth A phase-conjugating resonator that includes a semiconductor laser diode apparatus that comprises a phase-conjugating array of retro-reflecting hexagon apertured hexahedral shaped corner-cube prisms (168), an electrically and/or optically pumped gain-region (160), (161), (162), a distributed bragg reflecting mirror-stack (165), a gaussian mode providing hemispherical shaped laser-emission. waveguides with low anisotropy and weak geometric polariza-tion effect. The most general analysis of anisotropic waveguides to date has been carried out by Selleri et al. [8], where full 3 dex. Under the slowly varying envelope approximation, i.e.,.

Dex polarizare, polarizare, definiţie polarizare, dex

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dex materials are taken to be 10, 250, 2.389, 0.6, and 0.4 nm, respectively. The filling factor (f) of a material in a 1D-PC can be given by [8]; The forbidden gaps for the two polariza-tions not coincide due to the loss of the degeneracy. From the . Figures 5. and . 6, we have observed that, the . P-Polarized wave more sensitive to the. dex, and ijkl 3 = ijkl 3 probe; , pump,− is the third-order susceptibility. It is known from previous work that yyxx 3 xxxx 3 [15,20], so n n. However, the laser-induced plasma defocusing has no prefer-ence along the two axes. Therefore, there is no bal-ance between self-focusing and plasma defocusing for the probe component with orthogonal. Controllable changes of the polariza-tion, amplitude or phase of light can be obtained through careful design [4]. dex dielectric materials such as silicon or germanium. These nanoparticles possess tunable electric and magnetic geometric dipole resonances in th contributes a factor of two, due to polariza-tion, to the total density of states in free space, ˆfree(!) = V!2=ˇ2c3. When the vector coupling of atom and eld (79.13) is replaced by its aver-age in isotropic free space, that is, by 1/3, the result eg= Aeg= e2r2 eg! 3 3ˇ 0~c3 (79.19) is obtained for the decay rate Aeg as measure

dex acts as a phase modulator, causing ultrafast optiCs in hollow-Core fiBers Contact: john.travers@mpl.mpg.de traced to the fact that classical polariza-tion is chiefl y built on fi rst-order moments of the Stokes variables, whereas higher-order moments can play a major role fo in dex and higher terms. Of course the dependency on the fiber NA still remains. For ˜˛˛˝mW laser power cou-pled into the fibers listed above, the power density at the end-face Fig. ˛ Areal density at the fiber end-face with (solid lines) and without end-cap (dashed). The areal density is calculated using basic Gaussian beam propagatio

dex particles to be trapped [21]. Moreover, radially polar-ized beams have an on-axis intensity maximum due to a strong longitudinally polarized electric field component [18,24]. Thus, an increased gradient force is expected in the beam propagation (axial) direction, increasing their axial trapping efficiency compared to linear polar-ized beams. Negative-index imaging by an index-matched photonic crystal slab E. Schonbrun,1 T. Yamashita,2 W. Park,1,* and C. J. Summers2 1Department of Electrical Engineering, University of Colorado at Boulder, Boulder, Colorado 80309, USA 2School of Materials Science and Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, Georgia 30332, USA Received 6 December 2005; revised manuscript received 28. the non-planar ring oscillator [10]. Furthermore, the polariza-tion rotation induced by the Kerr effect must be compensated by another polarization rotator inside the laser cavity. In this paper we present a novel experimental method for external Fabry-P ´erot-enhanced Kerr measurements. The effective in P.G. Kevrekidis et al.: Discrete gap solitons in a diffraction-managed waveguide array 423 (sinθ(1))/(sinθ(2))=n(1)/n(2), hence the incident beams (in air) must be misaligned,inordertobealignedinthe arrays. Equation (6) shows that there is a critical direction of the beam in each array, corresponding to k(1,2) ⊥ d = π/2, at which the effective diffraction coefficient changes it

dex contrast between bilayer dielectrics, as well as high enough difference between reflector refractive indices and a core index. It is frequently suggested sary to design an efficient reflector for all polariza-tions but only a narrow range of incidence angles around an effective incidence angle of a core mode dex . Finally, the measured low-frequency limiting value, n meas=1.73±0.07, is notably larger than the calculated homo-geneous limit of n hom=1.6448. In Fig. 2, we also show computations of both the homo-geneous limit dashed line and the dispersion dotted curve , obtained using analytic theories based on plane wave expan Optical dynamic memory based on an integrated active ring resonator JIEJUN ZHANG,1 ROBERT S. GUZZON,2 LARRY A. COLDREN,2 AND JIANPING YAO1,* 1Microwave Photonics Research Laboratory, University of Ottawa, Ottawa, Ontario K1N 6N5, Canada 2Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of California Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara, California 93116, US dex of the air causes relativistic time-compression e ects leading to enhanced emission from parts of the shower seen at the Cherenkov angle [7, 8]. Interference between the di erently polarized emission from both components leads to a complex and highly asymmetric intensity pat-tern [9]. In contrast, time-compression e ects do no

dex. Good agreement was found for LSFL and HSFL, both orthogonal to the polarization. 3. The efficacy factor theory Emmony et al. suggested in 1973 that LIPSS were a con-sequence of interference between the incident laser beam and surface-scattered waves [7]. Following this idea, Sipe et al. created the efficacy factor theory to account for LIPS dex. On the other hand, the surface sensitivity factor can be estimated by calculating the change in reso-nance angle due to the change of refractive index in the NPs' surrounding medium within a few nano-meters from the dielectric-fluid interface (while the bulk solution refractive index remains unchanged) A polariza ≠ a depolariza (Dicţionar de antonime) Vezi definiția lui polarizare în DEX pe dictionarroman.ro

încărca - Dictionar de sinonim

Sinonim polariza; sinonime neologice, antonim pentru polariza, dex online . EN-RO FR-RO DE-RO ES-RO IT-RO DEX. dictionardesinonime.r of ACC (b). Changes in the intensity between 0 and 90 polariza-tion indicate domains containing calcite with different crystallo-graphic orientation (a-d). Two layers can be discriminated in the region containing calcite: an outer 1-3 mm thick layer, and a 2- 3 mm thick transition layer that is due to an overlap between calcit

Temperature dynamics of polarized and depolarized light

dEx = ˆj Aplicando la tercera ley de Newton, la línea será empujada por una fuerza igual a: qλ 2πε 0 R 1 λR xdθ 2 4πε0 ( R + x 2 ) 3 / 2 λRdθ 1 dE y = senβ senθ 4πε0 ( R 2 + x 2 ) R λRdθ 1 = 1 / 2 senθ 2 2 4πε0 ( R + x ) ( R 2 + x 2 ) = ˆj Ejemplo 37 The magnitudes of reflectivity of copper for vertical and horizontal polariza- tions are computed by Eqs. (2-5-13c) and (2-5-13e) against the grazing angle 1/J of 0 to 90° at a frequency range of 0.1 to 40 GHz. This result indicates that copper is a perfect reflector for electromagnetic waves. 2·5·2 Plane Wave in Poor Conductor Some.

Para desenergüar o alarme. separe os tios de teste. retire a bateria e volte a instala-la. (a) Simbolo (b) Aar» ; ato ÍIWICU O LED O LED é um dispositivo semicondutor de dois terminais. chamados anodo (A) e catodo (C). que emite uma luz visivel quando se polariza de forma direta, ou seja. quando o anodo está positivo em relaçao ao catodo Issuu is a digital publishing platform that makes it simple to publish magazines, catalogs, newspapers, books, and more online. Easily share your publications and get them in front of Issuu's. SFG-VS can provide the polariza-tion dependent vibrational spectra of the various molec-ular groups at the interface for molecular orientation analysis. SFG-VS is especially powerful in studying the liquid interfaces, such as the water interfaces [37- dex of the interface layer at!i et al., 1997). Together, the polariza-tion of secretory and cell wall synthetic activities result in bud formation (Fig. 1). In previous studies, the morphogenesis checkpoint was investigated primarily through the use of temperature-sen-sitive cdc24 and cdc42 mutants (Lew and Reed, 1995 a; Sia et al., 1996). At the restrictive temperature.

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