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The Airedale terrier is a neat, upstanding, long-legged terrier, not exaggerated in any way. It has strong round bone and combines strength and agility, enabling it to hunt tough game. Its jaws are strong and punishing. Its gait is free The body of the Airedale Terrier is covered with a medium-sized tan and rough coat on the anterior and a soft coat in the interior. They possess the characteristic of being fearless, energetic and alarmingly alert as well

The average healthy weight for an Airedale Terrier is between 40 and 44 lbs. for a female, and between 51 and 64 lbs. for a male. As far as their height is concerned, the average Airedale Terrier is between 22 and 24 inches high. The Airedale Terrier's lifespan is between 10 and 13 years. Note: Our Health is #1 Priority An Airedale Terrier has won Best of Show at Westminster four times: 1912, 1919, 1922 and 1933. The breed has been used for wartime guard, messenger duty, rodent control, and hunting birds and game...

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  1. Airedale Terrier Dog Characteristics The Airedale Terrier dog is very beautiful, and it is the largest of the British Terriers. These dogs have a medium-length black and tan colored coat with a harsh topcoat and a soft undercoat. They are an alert and energetic breed, not aggressive but fearless
  2. A rowdy handful as a puppy, the Airedale Terrier matures into a dignified, self-assured, courageous adult. This athletic dog romps and plays hard. Without vigorous exercise and lots of personal interaction, he is easily bored and may become destructive as he seeks to entertain himself
  3. The Airedale terrieris a neat, upstanding, long-legged terrier, not exaggerated in any way
  4. iature terrier weighs an average of 20 pounds. Other Differences Between The Two Breed Include
  5. Physical traits of the Airedale Terrier Airedale Terriers have a compact, muscular and square build, although they can be longer than they are tall. Their chest is deep and narrow, and their neck is strong and of moderate width. Their tail is set high on their backs, and it is carried erect but not curled
  6. The first member of the breed to compete is America was Bruce, an instant hit and a champion terrier on the New York circuit. The AKC recognized the breed in 1888. The Airedale Terrier Club of America began a trophy event for prize Airedales in 1910, and the competition continues to this day

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The most descriptive words that come to my mind regarding Airedale Terrier temperament and behavior are: athletic, vigorous, confident, determined, headstrong, with a strong prey drive Airedale Terrier The largest of the terriers, the Airedale is a highly intelligent dog who is smart, loyal, and affectionate. Airedales have plenty of personality and make great family pets who are gentle with children, love a good romp and play, but are highly protective of their home

The Airedale Terrier is an active collector of human memorabilia. He will pick up just about anything (socks, underwear, children's toys) to add to his stash of treasures. Being a high-energy.. Airedale Terriers get about 23 inches tall and weigh 50 to 70 pounds. Terriers range in height from 9 inches (Yorkshire Terrier) to the tallest terriers (after the Airedale) who stand at 22 inches (Norfolk Terrier and Bull Terrier). This is one reason why the Airedale is considered the King of Terriers

Intelligent, outgoing, and confident are the main Airedale Terrier characteristics. They may be a lot to handle as rambunctious puppies, but eventually they mature into obedient and trustworthy guardians. Having other pets in the picture is not an issue considering the Airedale Terrier is loving and welcoming to all animals Airedales are true terriers in that they're bright, active, and in-your-face with their personalities while also possessing high levels of stamina and endurance. They're similar to Yorkies and Jack Russel Terriers, except they're much bigger and stronger Airedale Terriers being judged at a dog show. The Airedale is the largest of the British terriers. They weigh 19-25 kilograms (42-55 lb) in fit condition and have a height at the withers of 58-61 centimetres (23-24 in) for males, with females slightly smaller. The American Kennel Club standard specifies a very slightly smaller dog Airedale Terrier Puppy Playing With Its Toy. Image Source-doglers. When the Airedale puppy reaches the age of nine weeks, it is the right time to send them to elementary training classes. Juvenile Stage: 3 Months To 6 Months. This stage of their life is most influenced by their playmates. It is also known as the elementary school age

The Airedale Terrier, also often referred to as 'the King of Terriers', is a strong-willed, sharp-witted, adaptable and energetic breed that is full of character. Their strong personality means they may not be the best choice for the novice dog owner Airedale Terrier - Dog Behavior. Posted on Mar 8, 2019, Modified : Apr 6, 2019 Kasma. Behavior. The Airedale Terrier is an intelligent, hard-working dog breed with lots of energy and stamina and is known as the King of Terriers. This breed require both mental and physical activity Intelligent Rank. Smart: Airedale Terrier's has great intelligence. Average: Akita's has average obedience intelligence. Low: The Afghan Shepherd if one of the dog breeds that have the lowest degree of obedience intelligence. Trainability. Airedale Terriers are very easy to train History and Original Purpose. This breed originated from Airedale, based in the West Riding of Yorkshire, England. It was created in the mid-19th century by crossing the English Terrier with the Otterhound. The Kennel Club of England recognized the Airedale Terrier as a breed in 1886. And the American Kennel Club recognized it in 1888 The King of the Terriers - a name he earns as the largest of the Terrier breeds, originated in Yorkshire, when a group of breed enthusiasts met to 'show' their terriers at Airedale Show - in the area around Ilkley. The breed was often known as the Waterside Terrier because of their working of the riverbanks to keep down vermin

The Airedale has a very distinctive look, with their terrier lines and black-and-tan coat. I'm obviously biased, but I've always thought of them as very handsome dogs. A couple of the dogs on this list share very similar looks to the Airedale terrier! Maintenance. As far as dogs go, I would consider Airedales a low-to-medium maintenance dog A stylish typography print featuring 6 common character traits of an Airedale Terrier in a range of complimentary typefaces. It makes a great gift for a dog lover. There are more than 100 other breeds available but if you dont see your favourite, get in touch. This A4 (21 x 29.7 cm) print i

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The Airedale terrier is a neat, upstanding, long-legged terrier, not exaggerated in any way. It has strong round bone and combines strength and agility, enabling it to hunt tough game. Its jaws are strong and punishing. Its gait is free. The coat is hard, dense and wiry; it lies straight and close, with some hair crinkling or waving The Airedale Terrier personality traits make them brave yet playful and an excellent household pet. Airedale Terrier Temperament & Behavior. Intelligent, outgoing, and confident are the main Airedale Terrier characteristics. They may be a lot to handle as rambunctious puppies, but eventually they mature into obedient and trustworthy guardians The Airedale is a hard-working, independent, and athletic dog with a lot of drive, energy, and stamina. He is prone to digging, chasing, and barking — behaviors that come naturally to terrier.

The Airedale Terrier is the largest breed of the terrier group, giving it the name, King of Terriers. Oorang Airedales, also known as Mountain Airedales, were first established around the 1920s by Walter Lingo. These larger Oorang Airedales, usually weighing 75-100+ pounds, were developed specifically for hunting The Airedale Terrier, also known as The King of Terriers, is the largest of all terrier breeds. The breed's greater size matches their equally large devotion and courage while still being one of the calmest and most eager to please. The Airedale Terrier is a muscular, active, medium-sized dog Need help to choose your next best friend ? Want to know more about Airedale terrier dog? We compiled for you some breed informations and 33 breed characteri.. A subreddit for owners or prospective owners of the beautiful Airedale Terrier. Post Pictures of your furry friend, talk about behavior, or just discuss the breed in general. 3.5k. Members This Airedale Terrier gift, featuring the personality traits of the breed, is a great gift for any Airedale lover

Airedale Terriers exhibit herding characteristics and may chase some animals. When exposed at a young age and trained correctly, Airedales can do well with children, cats, and other small animals. Like most terriers, they have been bred to hunt independently, resulting in an intelligent, strong-minded, and sometimes stubborn animal As a medium-sized breed, Airedale Terrier puppy development typically lasts 14-16 months from birth to full maturity. Physically, Airedale puppies grow swiftly for the first 7-8 months, then those growth rates slow somewhat while the adolescent Airedale fills out by gaining muscle mass and fat; an Airedale Terrier is normally at or near its full adult size by 14 months of age The Airedale Terrier (often shortened to Airedale), also called Bingley Terrier and Waterside Terrier, is a dog breed of the terrier type that originated in the valley (dale) of the River Aire, in the West Riding of Yorkshire, England. It is traditionally called the King of Terriers because it is the largest of the terrier breeds. The Airedale was bred from the Old English Black and Tan.

The Airedale Terrier was first called both the Working Waterside or Bingley Terrier but after a good turnout of dogs at the Airedale Show was renamed. Unlike many other terriers, the Airedale Terrier was bred to work in water, as well as on ground, and was used to hunt otters, water rats, and other large animals The Airedale terrier is known as the king of terriers partly for their size. They are about 60cm tall and vary in weight from 25kg for a small female to 35kg for a large male. The Airedale has a classic terrier head with virtually no stop (forehead), v-shaped ears tipped over and a straight back with an erect tail An Airedale Terrier German Shepherd also called an Airedale Shepherd, will be a black and tan medium to large dog with an easy-going and friendly personality. She is lively and intelligent with plenty of energy to keep older children entertained, gets along with other dogs, and shows a willing attitude to learn

Airedale Terrier Temperament and Behavior. The Airedale's most prevalent personality traits include independence, energy and stamina. Airedales exhibit fun-loving and active behavior, which can make them great for a high-energy family with kids. Airedales don't like to be bored. Bored Airedales often engage in destructive behavior like. The Airedale Terrier is the smartest of the terriers. They learn quickly and excel at obedience training, but all that canine intelligence comes with a good deal of stubbornness. The Airedale Terrier is very independent and smart enough to run the house if you let them Terrier Mix Characteristics. The most popular species of terrier mix are Chihuahua terrier mix, rat terrier, American pit bull terrier mix, American Staffordshire terrier, Airedale terrier, Irish terrier, Australian terrier, Yorkshire terrier, and Beagle terrier mix

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Airedale Terrier Poodle; Overview. The Airedoodle is bred by crossing an Airedale Terrier with a Poodle. As a hybrid breed, the Airedoodle will inherit physical and behavioral traits of both the Airedale Terrier and Poodle Known as the King of Terriers, the Airedale is the tallest terrier. Like many terriers, this breed counts the old English, or Black and Tan, Terrier as one of its primary progenitors. These medium-sized dogs were prized by Yorkshire hunters (and poachers) for hunting a variety of game from water rat to fox While not all Airedale Terriers share the exact same personality and temperament, there are certain generalizations that can be made about the breed. In addition to genetics, a dog's environment, training, socialization, and many other factors all contribute to their personality and behavior The gestation period in an Airedale Terrier for 60-64 days. The primary period of the reproductive cycle of the female Airedale Terrier is called Proestrus and goes on for around 9 days. During this time the females begin to draw in males. The subsequent part is the Estrus when the bitch is receptive to the male. It goes on for around 3 to 11 days Airedale Terrier: Color, Lifespan, Characteristics & Facts Updated on March 26, 2020 by Leo Wilson The Airedale Terrier is a proud dog perfect for people who want a fun-loving energetic companion

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  1. Dogs are undeniably our loyal companions and best friends. They are protective, territorial and are a member of the family. There are many different breeds,..
  2. Irish setters are good-sized dogs, ranging from 25 to 27 inches in height and 60 to 70 pounds in weight. They stand tall and elegant in appearance, with fairly long legs and a long neck
  3. Airedale Terrier Temperament: Airedales are prized for their hard-working nature. They're independent, affectionate, loyal, intelligent, and protective of their owners. Whilst they are calmer than other Terrier breeds, they still have the regular bad Terrier habits such as barking, chewing, and digging
  4. a, so regular activity is a must for this breed
  5. Airedale Terrier Airedale Terrier Photo #1 Overview. The Airedale Terrier started from Yorkshire in England, between the Aire and Whafe streams. They began life as a cross between the Welsh terrier and an Otterhound, in 1886, the English Kennel Club authoritatively recognized them as their own breed
  6. Mouthiness. Airedale Terriers have a strong tendency to nip, chew, play-bite, or herd people. Australian Shepherds have a higher than average tendency to nip, chew, play-bite, or herd people. Doberman Pinschers have lower than average tendency to nip, chew, play-bite, or herd people. Impulse to Wander or Roam
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The face of the Airedale Terrier is long and strong and the breed has a coat of medium length, in a tan and black or grizzle pattern (blending of tan and black). Your Airedale Shepherd will draw on characteristics of the parents, leaning towards an appearance according to whichever parent has the dominant gene The combination of traits will vary and are somewhat unpredictable, just as with human kids. For example, the size of the Schnauzer parent, whether it is a Miniature, Standard, or Giant, will clearly influence the resulting size of your mix, but is a challenge to know precisely. A Schnauzer bred with an Airedale terrier results in what is. The Airedale Terrier have a hard, straight-haired, Waterproof (inherited from is Hound ancestors) double coat, that can be either straight or wavy. The fur, dense and wiry, lies close to the body with a distinctive beard around muzzle. PERSONALITY. The Airedale Terrier breed is courageous and protective, infinitely patient and pleasant, this.

  1. Images, Pics, Photos and Pictures of Airedale Terrier: Feeding: Care must be given that they do not exercise or are not active shortly after eating. They can eat 4-6 cups of food at a time. Information and Facts of Airedale Terrier: The dog's name is Airedale Terrier
  2. National Airedale Rescue, Inc., is a non-profit 501 (c) (3) corporation and is the Official Treasury of the Airedale Terrier Club of America (ATCA) Rescue & Adoption Committee. Funds donated to National Airedale Rescue, Inc. are distributed on an as-needed basis to Airedale Rescue volunteers and groups who have agreed to abide by the Airedale.
  3. Labrastaff Labrador Retriever/Staffordshire Bull Terrier mixed dog breed information, including pictures, characteristics, and facts. Find out about training, behavior, and care of Labrastaff dogs
  4. The Airedale Terrier is known as the King of the Terriers for a reason because that's one big terrier! This breed is intelligent and playful. They are an exceptional sporting dog, but also can serve as a capable working breed. This terrier originates from The Valley of Aire in Yorkshire, England. Black-and-tan terriers from the 1800s.
  5. utive Yorkshire terrier weighs only 7 lbs and has a long, silky coat. While the Airedale terrier can reach 70 lb (similar to a Labrador Retriever!) and his short coat is dense and wiry. The Dalmatian Terrier mix will often be a little shorter and bulkier than a purebred Dalmatian

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  1. Jun 21, 2014 - The sturdy Airedale is the largest of all terriers. Origin: United Kingdom. Life span: 10-13 years. Hypoallergenic: Yes. Intelligence: #20. Popularity.
  2. Discover facts and personality traits about the Airedale Terrier dog breed. Learn what it is like to live with this breed
  3. Today we're going to learn about the appearance, personality and characteristics of Airedale Terrier. It is a popular dog breed as a pet. It's a dog breed from Airedale Valley in Yorkshire, England. That's why this dog breed got name as ' Airedale Terrier'. It was mainly used for hunting animals such as badgers and otters

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A lovely typography print featuring the character traits of an Airedale terrier.There are 2 colour options. The main image shows Reds/Oranges & Teals and we also have a version in Blues & Greys which you can view in the gallery. Unframed A4 print comes with a white picture mount - Total size is W21cm x H29.7cm (A4) Unframed A3 print does not include a mount - Total size is W29.7cm x. Let's walk through the characteristics of the Airedale Terrier. History. The Airedale Terrier is the biggest Terrier in the breed spectrum. Hailing from Yorkshire - the Valley of Aire, so the story goes - it was kept busy hunting the abundance of small game in that neck of the woods. Not a dog to let its diminutive size deter it from.

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Common characteristics of Terriers: physique. Due to this very specific job, common characteristics started to appear in Terriers that made them successful at their job. In general, they are small with well-proportioned or short legs. Furthermore, they have rough, coarse hair, except for the lines bred specifically for beauty competitions The Airedale Terrier is the largest of the terriers and stands square in appearance. The skull is about the same length as the muzzle, with a very slight stop that is hard to see. The head is long and flat. The nose is black. The teeth should meet in a level, vice-like or scissors bite. The small eyes are dark in color

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WELCOME TO AIREDALE-L the OFFICIAL WEB SITE OF THE ONLINE AIREDALE TERRIER DISCUSSION LIST. We are over 600 members strong, worldwide, and share a common trait: Our love for the Airedale Terrier, The Finest Animal On The Planet! Frequently Asked Questions - click to learn more about Airedale-L, how to subscribe, unsubscribe, change your mail. Trainability. Airedale Terriers are very easy to train. Alaskan Malamutes are easy to train. Playfulness. The Airedale Terrier is a highly playful breed. The Alaskan Malamute is a playful breed. Sensitivity Level. Airedale Terriers have an average emotional level and are not the most sensitive dog breed An Airedale Terrier crossed with a German Shepherd makes for one active dog. Affectionately nicknamed the Airedale Shepherd, these terrier mix breeds love hiking, walking, running, swimming and just generally being outside. These terrier breeds need around 90 to 120 minutes of exercise daily

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Airedale Terrier. Airedale Terrier, also called Bingley Terrier and Waterside Terrier, is a dog breed of the terrier type that originated in the valley of the River Aire, in the West Riding of Yorkshire, England. It is often called the King of all terrier dog breeds Airedale Terrier. This type of terrier dog is often described as smart, friendly, and confident. Airedale terriers tend to have gentle demeanors, but will protect themselves if threatened. American Staffordshire Terrier. Physically, the American Staffordshire terrier is both muscular and nimble. Personality-wise, this type of dog is cheerful. It also applies to general behavior. When your Airedale terrier pet dog is still just a puppy, you need to start training it. This way, the behavioral training that you give it will be ingrained into the Airedale terrier pet dog's brain. This way, proper behavior becomes almost instinctive to the Airedale terrier pet dog

The Airedale Terrier is the largest British Terrier. It weighs around 25 kg and grows up- to a height of 60 cm for dogs while females are slightly smaller. According to the Kennel Club of America, a smaller size of this breed is specified. They are found in North America and are called as 'Oorangs' Airedale Terrier Description: The origin of the Airedale Terrier lies in Aire, an area in England. The breed dates back to the 19th century when the Welsh Terrier, black and tan terrier and Otterhound were crossbred to create this breed. In the olden days, the breed was primarily used as a hunting dog for hunting vermin

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Airedale Terrier Dog Breed - Facts and Personality Traits | Hill's Pet Pet Care Centre Affectionate and easily trained, the border terrier is very interested in being part of the family 5-8 puppies. Puppy Prices. Average $1800 - $3000 USD. The average cost of purchasing a pet quality Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier puppy from a reputable breeder is about $1,500 to $2,500. However, for a Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier with top breed lines and a superior pedigree, you may need to pay between $3,000 and $5,500 A mix between the Airedale Terrier and the Lab, the Lab'Air is a dignified and beloved crossbreed. A Cross Between: The Airedale Terrier and The Labrador Retriever. Average Weight: 50 - 70 Pounds. Average Temperamental Traits: Happy, Enthusiastic, Friendly, and Independent. Average Lifespan: 10 - 14 Years Airedale Terrier Dog Breed - Facts and Personality Traits | Hill's Pet Pet Care Center Playful, loving and adventuresome on a small scale, the Silky terrier is extremely active, but because of its size, exercise requirements can be met with a small space

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The terrier mix breeds have underwent this test in order for them to determine the behavior of inter-crossed breeds. And, just like the terrier mix breed characteristics, terrier mix breeds behaviors differ from breed to breed. Airedale and Irish terrier mix dogs are known to be generous, helpful, and kind Breed history. The Airedale Terrier is a relatively modern breed. The breed first appeared in the latter half of the 19th Century when Yorkshire men crossed smaller terriers with Otterhounds to produce a larger terrier with a keener nose and an ability to take to the water in the river valleys If you are going to own one Airedale Terrier book, this is the one to own. It is filled with information such as the History of the Airedale, Characteristics, Breed Standard, the Airedale Puppy, Proper Care, Training Tips, Health Care, and Showing. It filled with lots of color pictures and good information. 2 Chidale (Airedale Terrier x Chihuahua) The enthusiasm and the independent streak of the Airedale Terrier, along with the courageous traits of the Chi, make it a powerful designer breed indeed. Bolo-Chi Dog. 34. Bolo-Chi (Bolognese x Chihuahua Find more Airedale Terrier puppies for sale in closest states: Georgia , Alabama , South Carolina , Louisiana , North Carolina , Mississippi. If you have never owned a Airedale Terrier before, or are interested in reading more information, check out our Airedale Terrier Dog Breed Information page

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The Scottish terrier traces his history back to the highlands of Scotland. Many believe that is breed is the oldest originating in Scotland and possibly one of the original terrier breeds and may have been around even during Roman times. Called Skye Terriers at the time, they were bred and kept by hunters and farmers to find and kill vermin Two of the wire fox terrier's most distinctive traits are its energy and intelligence. It has a low threshold for boredom and requires stimulation, exercise and attention. The wire fox terrier is a companion animal that requires near-constant attention. The dog should be alert, quick and ready to respond swiftly with enthusiasm

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The Staffordshire Bull Terrier is a tough-looking character. The dog is relatively wide and slightly longer than tall, giving it a low center of gravity. Most striking of all, however, are the huge muscles and wide jaws. This dog is the picture of power, yet it is surprisingly agile and quick on its feet Border Terrier Dog: Characteristics, Origin, Lifespan & Temperament. The Border Terrier dog is a small breed of rough-coated dog in the terrier group. It was bred as a fox and vermin hunter. It shares ancestry with the Dandie Dinmont Terrier and the Bedlington Terrier. The Border Terrier dog breed was originated from the border region of.

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